Your symptoms treated quickly, effectively and professionally

Are you suffering from problems with your back, your neck or other joints? The Medisch Back Neck Centrum in The Hague is specialist in the area of musculoskeletal disorders. We help you quickly, effectively and professionally. Our care is customised, fitting your personal situation.

In our team of experts different specialties are represented, so that we can approach your symptoms from different angles. Before the treatment starts, we make a thorough diagnosis. For the right approach, it is after all important to precisely determine the cause of the symptoms.

The expertise of the Medisch Back Neck Centrum is reason for medics and paramedics to refer their patients to us. However, you can also make an appointment yourself, without referral. Because we understand that you want to tackle your complaints as soon as possible, we make sure that you can always visit us on short-term notice.

See you at Medisch Back Neck Centrum.

Dr. Dick de Haan
doctor (Ortho-)manual medicine